Your Net Biz Or My Internet Business Update

This is the latest version with some fantastic improvements There is a terrific landing page that grabs the attention of those that are seriously looking to replace their income and work from home instead of exchanging time for money in the rat race. The follow on pages have a questionnaire that helps to sort out the tyre kickers from those who are actually prepared to take action and carve themselves a decent future instead of settling for the crumbs that fall from the corporate table. This is the ideal work from home business.

Also built into the system is your Autoresponder that draws interested ones back to your Tour until they complete it and make an informed decision. The new Tour outlines all the small details of this business and shows what you will get. The product suites that are available, the professionally designed web pages and sales pages make it even easier than before for your prospects to find out exactly what this business is all about.

There is the absolutely over generous compensation plan of $ 2000 dollars at the Platinum Level for each new person that joins your team plus the income from the Digital Products you sell through your provided Retail Centre.

Your Net Biz (YNB) is the new My Internet Business (MIB) version 3.0 and the most important part of this business it the mentoring and support that can take years off the time it normally takes to build an online business by trial and error. The training that is provided through the Back Office will help the complete Internet Novice to be up and running in no time. The Media Vault is jam packed with training material which has been expanded beyond all recognition. And lets not forget the PBA’s, Personal Business Assistants, that will call back your prospects and answer any questions they may have, until you feel confident enough to do so yourself. There is no reason why you should ever stop using PBA’s, it is entirely up to you. You can add to your Multiple Streams of Income by adding any other product or business venture you may already be involved in to your product area

There is a About Your Inviter page where you can brand yourself, this is where your prospects can get to know you a little, no need to worry if you are not very photogenic as being handsome, pretty, overweight or slim will make no difference to your success. What you have to say and your personal experiences are more important along with the help you are prepared to give to those that join your team.

The beauty of Your Net Biz is the mentoring that you will receive, it is in everyone’s interest to help you learn what to do when, where and how. Because the more successful you are the more successful we are.

Your Net Biz is helping to make many millionaires during 2009 and will make many more, will you be one of them?

All the best in your search, thankfully mine has ended!

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