Writing Biz Success – 7 Success Tips

The business of web writing is definitely not a saturated market for those who treat it like a real business. New opportunities arise constantly for freelance writers. Whether you’re new to it or want to take your writing business to the next level, here are some tips to help you build and grow your business into something successful that makes you happy and fulfilled. Don’t sit and wait for the opportunities to land in your lap. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Learn while you earn

2. Never stop marketing

3. Network with other writers

4. Treat it like a business

5. Invest in success

6. Set Goals

7. Reward yourself

Learn while you earn If you want to grow your business, branch out into new areas. It can be tempting to keep to yourself when you work from home but the more time you spend learning, the better! Are you a web article writer who wants to learn how to write press releases? Are you a blogger who wants to branch out into white paper writing? Take on new projects and you’ll expand your skills. Want to learn how to do it but don’t think you’re ready to charge money for a particular service yet? Use it in your own marketing methods and see where it takes you. A press release could help you expand your horizons. The process of writing en e-book for yourself could prepare you to write an e-book for someone else, for instance.

Never stop marketing If you constantly market yourself, chances are that you’ll never see a substantial drop in your income. In fact, through continuously marketing, you’re going to reduce the time you spend searching for work as the work will start coming to you. As your business grows, you can increase your rates because you’ll have your pick of work. You may even get more writing work than you can handle!

Networking Networking with other writers can help you find new opportunities, help you put together a list of resources for taking your overflow, and it could help you expand your writing business. Successful business people in all niches tend to network, don’t you think? The internet presents a great way to find mentors, learn about your industry, etcetera.

Treat your writing career like a business If you’re serious about creating a business, you need to treat your writing career like a real business. Come up with a name. Make a website. Order some business cards. Set up an office. Make a marketing & business plan. Sure, freelance writing can be flexible but make regular(ish) business hours, too. Set aside time for marketing, for bookkeeping, for querying for new work, and so on.

Invest in your success There are a lot of different things you can do for free but there will come a time when businesses need an investment in order to grow. You may want to invest in better technology, in a smart phone, in developing your website, in accounting or virtual assistant services, etc. Regularly investing in your business can provide a significant return on that investment.

Goal setting Business owners do more than just chug along. They make goals and plans to help them continue to build and grow their empire. What do you want to be doing a year from now? What about five years? Think about your writing career and your business and make a plan to help you reach some goals. Never stop goal setting. Complacency can lead to a drop in income and it can also lead to loss of passion for your business as well.

Rewards If your business is doing well, consider giving yourself a raise. Consider treating yourself to something when you reach specific goals. Incentives work great for employees but they can work great for the self-employed as well. If you reach your goals, set new ones but don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!