Some Knowledge About Opal

Some knowledge about Opal

Opal is considered a symbol of good luck in Europe, it also symbolizes “hope, pure, and happy. Among the Romans, it is generally referred to as ‘Cupid Eros’ meaning a beautiful child that signifies love. They even think that opal is as valuable as diamond. As its brilliant color gives people wonderful imagination. Opal is honored as “a stone of hope “, it is also the birthday of the Gregorian calendar in October lucky stone.

Opal according to its base color can be divided into three categories:

1. Black Opal. It is also called “Black mountain cloud. Black opal has a base color, the base color of black opal is commonly a dark, dark blue, blue, dark-gray, or green, but it enhances the brilliance of the diffracted colors, like iridescence caused by tiny crystals of cristobalite. It is the rarest valuable type of opal.

2. White Opal, which base color is white or gray, it is the second rarest opal after black opal.

3. Fire Opal- Fire opal is hyacinth-red to honey-yellow and shows intense orange and red fire-like reflections. On the gemstone market, the cost of opal is expensive; it’s among the high end precious.

Opal Jewelry which made of opal gemstones such as rings, necklaces, earrings, crowns and other accessories, will display an bright colors as people moves, it makes the person appears showy. But opal also has an obvious shortcoming, it is brittle, so it’s easy to lose water at high temperatures, inevitably leads to the turned color and tarnish, what is more serious is explosion.

The Australia is the most major supplier of the world’s opal; presently it supplies the world with more than ninety-five percent of its precious opal. In addition, other origin is Brazil, the United States, Mexico and the former Slovak. In our country, Henan, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang also has some opal output. From the opal quality, it only belongs to the high-grade jade; the opal of the precious stone class is only discovered in the vicinity of Shangcheng in Henan.

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