Scrapbook Business – Profit From Your Knowledge

If you want to get into the scrapbook business – and why wouldn’t you – there are more ways to make money than just selling your scrapbooks. For a start, have you ever considered how valuable your knowledge is?

Look at the news stand. What’s it selling? Knowledge and information. Look at the bookstore. What’s it selling? Look at the internet. What is it really? It’s the largest collection of knowledge and information ever assembled. Everybody wants more knowledge. Everywhere people are searching for more information.

What’s more, people are more than happy to pay for it.

So the scrapbooking knowledge in your head is a valuable commodity. A lot of people out there are prepared to pay you well to share that information with them.

Teaching what you know about making scrapbooks face to face is one way forward but might not seem the most appealing scrapbook business idea to some people. I’ll admit I’d find it a bit daunting myself. No problem though, don’t teach face to face.

The internet gives you the opportunity to spread your scrapbook information in different ways. You can put together what used to be called a correspondence course. They always used to be done by mail. Now you can do your scrapbook course online. It’s relatively easy to set up a membership site and deliver content digitally. What’s more you can collect the money digitally too!

Running a course is great because it brings in regular income for your scrapbook business. It’s not the only way to make money though. Why not write a book? Books have always been popular and although some thought that the internet might damage publishing in fact there are more books printed today than ever before. You can publish conventionally, although finding a publisher has always been difficult, or you can go the self-publishing route. Places like will handle the actual printing for you. A third option is the digital publishing route, producing your own scrapbooking ebook. Using this method you can set up systems that work while you sleep and pull in profit margins of up to ninety percent!

Some would say that this is the ideal scrapbook business. Write it once, live of the royalties. It might need more than one book to make a full-time income from scrapbooking but virtually anyone can do it and the potential is huge.