Rearing Rabbits – Important Tips If You Are Considering to Raise Rabbits As Pets

Rearing rabbits is one of the most rewarding things that you can do, especially if you’re looking for hobbies that involve animals as pets. Rabbits are perfect for those who don’t want the apathy and solitude behavior of a cat and aren’t up to the vigorous and energetic pleas of a dog. A rabbit is perfect for those who are content to watch their pets grow up, cuddle up with them, and watch them play in their garden.

As with any other pets, you have to watch out for the health and well-being of your pet when rearing rabbits. As you start taking care of your rabbits, make sure that you plan a trip to the vet to get the necessary vaccines and information that you need to keep your rabbits healthy. They are susceptible to mites and colds, so you have to watch out for this. Colds can be treated by medicine or antibiotics from the vet, while mites or fleas can be solved by using the same treatment used for cats.

If you want to keep your rabbit indoors, don’t forget to give it exercise, or your rabbit will become weak. Let it play in your yard or garden a few times a week. When rearing rabbits, make sure that you let it play in a securely fenced area, but even though the place is fenced, do not leave your rabbit alone. Rabbits are diggers and they can easily go through the fence by going under it. A fence yard is good to protect them from other animals that may attack them, such as dogs and cats. Reminder: Before bringing your rabbit outside to play, make sure that your bunny is protected from fleas or mites.

Handle your rabbit with care! Hold it safely in your arms with the feet tucked in. This is a comfortable position for them. Once in a while, carefully train your rabbit to flip over on their backs. It is easier for you to clip their nails while they are in this position. When rearing rabbits, you can clip the nails once a month.

Have patience with your bunny. Give them time to adjust in their new environment, as rabbits are naturally shy creatures. They can easily be scared by simple sounds such as noise from your television or barks from dogs. It will normally take a few weeks for a rabbit to completely adjust to his new surroundings.

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