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We have created this article to present you with facts about Charlotte. My writing style is to list the key facts rather than write in paragraph format. My articles are always written after hours of research. I like to structure my articles in a more readable format than most articles. The format of our articles are preferable by most of our readers, because the relevant facts are easy to find.

There has been a great deal of time research that has gone into writing and preparing this article for you. You can see below the facts that we have found. Don’t ignore the facts. Most of these facts will be a great starting point as you continue your research:

1. Charlotte is among the most popular cities in North Carolina mainly due to the fact that it is home to NBA and NFL franchises.

2. The Charlotte metropolitan area had a 2009 population of 1,745,524.

3. The Ballantyne area, of far south Charlotte and nearly every area on the 485 perimeter has seen extensive growth over the past 10 years.

4. During the American Revolutionary War, British commander General Cornwallis occupied the city but was driven out afterwards by hostile residents, prompting him to write that Charlotte was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion,” leading to another city nickname; The Hornet’s Nest.

5. Nicknamed the Queen City, Charlotte and the county containing it are named in honor of the German Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg, who had become queen consort of British King George III the year before the city’s founding.

6. Charlotte is split between three congressional districts on the federal level; the 8th, represented by Democrat Larry Kissell; the 9th, represented by Republican Sue Myrick; and the 12th, represented by Democrat Mel Watt.

7. Many students, researchers, and affiliated professionals live near UNC Charlotte in the northeast.

ONE MOMENT — If you have the persistence to go through the second half of this article, relative to Charlotte, you will definitely learn one or two things that will prove very useful to you. Keep on reading and be well up to date. Below are other less interesting facts that we have found to help you:

1. Charlotte is home to several large shopping malls, with Carolina Place Mall, South-Park Mall and Northlake Mall being the largest.

2. At 24,000 students, UNC Charlotte is the fastest-growing university in the state system and the fourth largest in North Carolina.

3. The birthplace of Billy Graham, Charlotte is locally known as “The City of Churches” (Charlotte is the historic seat of Southern Presbyterianism), but the changing demographics of the city’s increasing population have brought scores of new denominations and faiths to the city.

4. US Airways regional carrier CCAir was headquartered in Charlotte.

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