Maintain The Harmony Of Nature And Commerce

At this time, in every part of the world. Global warming is a global warning for governments to common people. Every country is blaming each other in climate stand-off.Uk govt. blamed to U.S had failed to reduce the green house gas emissions. Developed countries are struggling to reduce their green house emissions on the other hand they are pressurizing emerging economies like India, China, Brazil & other nations to use clean environmental friendly technologies.

Governments efforts to motivate the corporate towards climate change are taking shape. After the biggest fall of organizations in 2008 economic recession because of greediness, companies have started to move their self into corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility but one question raises in mind what motivation work behind this ethical behavior of corporate? Actually the idea work behind for corporate, are long term survival and to increase brand recognition, which will increases the sales in long run.

All efforts return in larger scale profits with Carbon Trading. Organizations contribute towards the environmental protection and gain incentive in carbon trading, with addition in trading volumes, set up the new exchanges and arrival of exchangeable instruments.

What is Carbon Trading? For those readers who are new I briefly explain this term, the word carbon uses in carbon trading for carbon dioxide (CO2), main cause of green house gas. Under the Kyoto protocol of 1997, all countries are compulsory to reduce their green house gas emissions up to 5% of 1990 level by the end of 2012, or be ready to pay a price. Every nation who contributed most for global warming have tendency to take benefit from increased business profits and higher standards of living.

Above all are sufficient steps towards Global Warming Solution? In many ways now governments are taking steps towards climate change solutions by the energy conservation, it helps CO2 reductions year after year because at this time we have been living in a world of human invented cheap energy for decades and have large opportunities for energy conservation.

Renewable Energy: It is another solution getting popularity in many ways. In this it has inclusions of natural type of energy come from wind, solar, wave, bio fuels, etc.

What is common man role? In many ways you can make the difference by small steps towards the climate change, by driving less, insulating house in better way, buy organic food, buy fuel efficient electronic appliances and most important save water resources.