Learn Some Knowledge About Wool Blanket

Blankets have become our daily necessity following the change of weather. A wide range variety is put into the market to made consumers have better choices. It is a special topic in the selection of blankets and we need to have more knowledge in this area.

A good quality wool blanket, organic or vintage, is one of the best green investments you can make for your home. It will last for years, maybe your lifetime! How many products can you say that about? It will keep you toasty warm at night and perhaps inspire you to turn down your thermostat. Watch out, you might fall in love with it once you see the savings on your energy bill this winter.

The wool blanket is the shag textile, generally divides into the pure wool blanket and the fabric blending blanket. The majority of pure wool blanket is the makes, the down is fluffy, but is not chaotic, and the bottom thickness of slab is not hard. The fabric blending wool blanket is becomes by the pure and the chemical fiber fabric blending, has the pure wool blanket and the acrylic fiber blanket’s characteristic at the same time, the cold-resistance, maintains warmth, soft, the comfortable degree surpasses the acrylic fiber blanket, the price is cheaper than pure wool blanket.

The wool blanket may not machine wash, to maintain wool blanket’s clean, reduces blanket’s wash number of times, may in the wool blanket sur- blanket wrap. In addition, the blanket must air-dry frequently in the use, and whips, causes to adhere on wool blanket’s perspiration taste, the dust and the leather meal is eliminated, maintains gently wool blanket’s clean and the dryness, prevents to be destroyed by insects gets moldy and spoil. Before the storage, must air-dry, clamps in the folding wool blanket puts several grains the camphor ball which wraps with the paper, will use the plastic bag package to seal again, deposits in the dry cabinet.

According to the vinyl-clothes, the needle blanket may divide into four kinds.: the ordinary needle wool blanket, the thin latitude needle wool blanket, the non-latitude needle wool blanket and the entire chemical fiber wool blanket.

The needle wool blanket is easy to dirty, majority is the mesh jamming, is often serious in the latitude parallel place jamming, according to the analysis . therefore uses the thin latitude and the non-latitude needle blanket as far as possible.

The needle blanket and the knitting blanket need to maintain clean, it must be strengthen the wash, the needle wet blanket surface is compact, the space between the textile fiber is quite small, it is easy to infill by the tiny textile fiber, the impurity is tarnished easily and so on, but is stopped up gradually, causes the filtered water to weaken gradually, thus has paper sickness and so on bruising.

Pure wool blanket. The pure wool blanket majority is the wool makes, its quality fit and unfit quality, may judge from the following three aspects.