Knowledge – The Key to Success

Ever since the dawn of civilization, knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds. Since the end of the Dark Ages knowledge has been the driving force for mankind and without knowledge we humans would still be groping about in the dark as our prehistoric ancestors did. Without knowledge there was fear. By the turn of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, man had gained knowledge that put him quite high up on the technological ladder and by the 21st century, the rate at which knowledge was increasing went off the scale.

Leave alone the gain of knowledge over the centuries, think of the volume of studies that present day children, your children, do when compared to the scale of studies that you did when you went to school. In fact, even if you had managed to keep up to date with the latest of technologies, you will find that your child knows just as much or even more.

Without knowledge you cannot excel in anything. And it is up to you to keep gaining knowledge. And there is nothing to lose. There are a lot of ways to increase your knowledge and keep your brain stimulated and not stagnant and idle; leave alone the fact that an “idle brain is a devil’s workshop”.

You could,
– Learn a computer programming language, a new one if you already know one,
– Learn a new language,
– Continue to improve the knowledge that you have in your job by going in for continuing education,
– Gain some other skill, like handicrafts, photography etc.
– Indulge in a new sport or gain more proficiency in a game that you love etc.

Even a doctor or an engineer has to keep in touch with the latest advances in their respective fields to stay ahead of the competition. Constant gathering f knowledge is a must in these difficult times. Otherwise you will be left on the wayside.

More so in these day of economic slowdowns. Gaining an additional skill could get you started on a home based part-time business that could supplement your income. It could even grow to a full fledged business for you to take it up on a full-time basis.

Knowledge keeps your brain healthy and it increases financial health also. So try to gain as much knowledge as possible and prosper in this world.

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