How Article Marketing Can Catapult Your Traffic Overnight

If you are thinking about traffic generation strategies, one idea at the front of your mind should be article marketing. This free traffic generating method should truly be a part of any good internet marketers arsenal of marketing tools.

Traffic generation is definitely a subject that many web marketers discuss, but few get right. The main problem seems to be that they throw so much stuff in a wide variety of directions and absolutely nothing sticks long enough to get results.

Picture this: You’re planning a celebration and you want to invite 35 people to your party. You go out and invest in all kinds of decorations because you want your house to look top notch (think domain names, headers, fancy site templates).

One week before your big bash, you see Susie Smith at the grocery store and you say I am thinking about having a party next week. Hope you can come and you walk away to get your milk and eggs. Meanwhile, Susie is left standing in the cereal aisle wondering where the party is, when it will be and what the party is for.

On the big night of your party, you are sitting at your dining room table wondering where those 35 people are.

Your decorations are up, your appetizers are getting cold and you cannot believe how much money you spent on everything. You think to yourself What a lousy investment THIS was!

How does all of this relate to traffic generation and article marketing? Well, so many marketers create these really fancy websites with great headers and nifty domain names. Then, they write one short rehashed PLR article and wait for the millions to come rolling in.

If they are really go getters, they might write 5 or even 10 articles before calling it a failure. The truth is, you cannot just invite one or two people to your internet party and decide it is a failure when no one shows up!

In article marketing, you need to be aggressive and consistent. You need to be specific and lead your prospects where you want them to go. You cannot beat around the bush.

You need to give good solid information with a direct call to action to get them to click on your links.

Instead of telling Susie there MIGHT be a party, why not send out 50 invitations so you can make sure your 35 guests show up?

One powerful strategy to get your article firstly written, and then exposed is to turn your blog into an article then ping it from there.
Article writing can be a daunting thought for some. There are some softwares on the market to help you create many articles in a very short amount of time, some good, some not even worth a look at.

Another handy too to save time, one that I personally have in my toolbox and use every day is The Best Spinner.

Blogging is a great way of expressing your true feelings and passions on the subjuct, then spinning that into an article for submission. More on blogging Here