Chicago – The City Of Artworks

In this article, you are going to get to know about Chicago and its memorable landmarks. If you are planning to visit Chicago, you should not miss any chance to see its beautiful artworks by a lot of artists.


Here are the top eight artistic masterpieces worth seeing in the Windy City:


Daley Center’s “The Picasso”

No one understands what the artist is trying to say through this artwork but people still come to see the unique structure, especially children who just love to slide down the inclined base.


Navy Pier

Here’s another sight to behold and ponder on. Why would a naval port be situated in the Midwest? Yes, this was a naval port during World War II. Today, it caters to cruise liners and a part of it has also been transformed into a children’s museum.


Sears Tower

One of the tallest buildings is this tower which provides a great spot for viewing the entire city from above.


Marshall Field’s Clock

This is a huge clock situated just right outside of Marshall Field’s department store. The old man who sits right next to the clock and keeps it on time season in and season out is definitely worth a look.


Buckingham Fountain

If you happen to stroll around Grant Park, you won’t miss this landmark, especially during summer time when the fountain throws water up to 150 feet high and bright, fancy lights keep it alive during the night.


Field Museum

You’d love Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, along with other artifacts, mummies and meteorites in this historical museum. Want an educational tour? Come to Field Museum. There is so much to learn in here.

Wilmette Temple

You’d love this Baha’i temple which is one of the world’s most attractive temples.


Lake Michigan

This lake is something you can never miss seeing when you are in Chicago. During the summer, it sparkles and cools the whole city down.


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